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Give the gift of wood or choose from our large selection of other gifts for that special someone. We have something for everybody so order yours today.

Cedar Candle HolderWood is one of the most beautiful materials on this planet, it has been here since before the dinosaurs roamed the earth. Through time we have used the wood for many uses, homes, food, furniture, books, teeth, fuel, the list pretty much goes on and on. Wood has a wonderful smell, it’s beautiful to look at, and is calming to the touch.
Here at Western Wood Crafts We use it in many ways, shelving, display cases, and candle holders are just a few examples of home décor and art products we make. Just visualize how romantic and relaxing burning a candle in one of our candle holders can be, total elegance and relaxation. Or perhaps one of our vases for your favorite flowers, the possibilities are endless. You can have the breathtaking look of wood in your home and know that it is one of a kind, hand made in the USA. Feel it, smell it, and share its beauty with others. We offer you art that is made from the heart. A lot of the products we make are made from cedar that is trimmed or pruned from the trees here on our land. In stead of burning or turning into mulch we have made unique products that provide beauty, quality and value for our customers.

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2 Liter BirdhouseYou can encourage birds into your garden or yard by providing plenty of places for them to nest. A birdhouse is an excellent substitute for a tree hole and many different species will use one. The species you attract will depend on the location, the type of box and the size of the entrance hole. Put your birdhouse in a quiet place out of the reach of cats and other animals, generally between six and sixteen feet up a tree, fence or wall. You can also mount your birdhouse on a sturdy poll that is securely mounted in the ground. Try to face it between north and east, as this avoids strong sunlight and winds.

You can tilt the birdhouse slightly forward so that strong driving rain hits the roof and does not enter the birdhouse. Put different types of birdhouses in different places around your yard or garden. This will attract birds to different areas of your yard or garden and also enhance the beauty of your property. For instance, put your birdhouse low down and hide them well in vegetation to attract robins and wrens. It is important to clean out your birdhouse during the winter every year. This will prevent a build up of debris and remove parasites such as fleas.

3 Inch PVC birdhouse 4 Inch Double Birdhouse

Here at Western Wood Crafts we have many different styles, colors, and types of birdhouses, all are unique one of a kind products hand made in the USA. Help keep plastic bottles out of the landfill with our artistic 2 Liter bottle birdhouses, or go for are colorful PVC and wood varieties. These hand made birdhouses come in either 3'' or 4'' diameters single or double. All of our birdhouses will add an artistic look to any yard, garden, or home decor. Get yours today and help give a bird a home for years to come while adding to the beauty of your landscape or garden.

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Cedar Shelf

Here at Western Wood Crafts we feature a collection of unique one of a kind shelving. From the beauty of all natural cedar, pine, and solid oak we are sure you will find the shelf that fits your decor. All shelving is made in the USA of only the finest materials to give you years of use. All shelves come with the hardware needed for normal installation in your home or office.



Western Wood Crafts features a large collection of vases and stands. Each one is hand made in the USA of various woods including oak, cedar, and pine. Many different styles are available both turned and natural. Some vases even have hidden compartments where you can hide keys, jewelry and other items you want to keep safe.

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The American Country MallSee more products from Western Wood Crafts at our booth at The American Country Mall. Located in Rainbow Texas the American Country Mall features some of the finest Arts and Crafts in the state of Texas. Whether your looking for Wood Crafts, Embroidery, Ceramics, or just about any other type of craft, they have something for everybody.

Along with many other Western Wood Crafts products that are not available on our website, you can take a walk down memory lane. Featuring memorabilia from the 1920's to the present. From rustic vintage kitchen wares to linens, crystal, china, and all kinds of home decor. With 5000 SQ. FT. and 60 booths shop thousands of quality items from quality vendors statewide.

American Country Mall
3280 Hwy. 67E
Rainbow Texas 76077
(254) 897-2049

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Candle Holders

Years ago candle holders were one of the most important items in the home, along with lamps they Were the main source for light and one of the most used items of the day.
Today candle holders are still a very sought after accessory in home décor because of the beauty and Cedar Candle Holdercharm it ads to any room. Here at Western Wood Crafts we have a wide range of designs and styles to please any taste or home décor. Our candle holders are all a unique one of a kind design hand crafted in the U.S.A. made of different varieties of wood. Our candle holders provide a quality hand made product and good value at the same time.

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Special Products

Here at Western Wood Crafts we also carry the strange and unusual. Vampire Stakes, Vampire Stake Mallets, and Cross vampire stakes are just some of the unusual products you will find here. All of our Vampire Stakes are hand made of all natural wood and make great props for movies and plays.
In addition to the regular Vampire Stakes we also carry Cross Vampire Stakes. These original designs look good as wall decorations or just laying around as a conversation piece.
Last but not least, our Vampire Stake Mallets are a great companion item to our original Vampire Stakes. No Vampire would dare mess with you with this combination.

Vampire Stakes

Vampire Stake

"Cross" Vampire Stakes

Cross Vampire Stake

Vampire Stake Mallets

Vampire Stake Mallet


Natural Cedar Cross

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