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Feel free to contact us anytime. If you need help or have a problem our staff here at Mercantile Mart is here to help. We strive to provide outstanding customer service not found on some other online retail sites. Be assured or staff will do their best to provide you with a fun and safe shopping experience.

Notice: Due to the huge amount of unsolicited and fraudulent phone calls we have been receiving, we have been left with no other option but to employ electronic countermeasures. This is achieved in the form of an advanced electronic call screening procedure.

How This Effects You: Unknown or bogus calls will be blocked or not answered. This means if your number is not in the database or your caller ID function is not working you will not be able to contact us by phone.

The Solution: To contact us if you are not in the database you must contact us by E-Mail first, This is the preferred method of communication with us. We make our products ourselves and don't always hear the phone. If you must speak to a person, E-Mail your name and number to the address below. We will then enter your name and number in our database so you can reach us.

All of us here at Western Wood Crafts are sorry for any Inconvenience this may cause you, but we are left with no other options in this matter. It just seems that the few always make it harder on the many lately.

Contact Info:

Mercantile Mart
924 Ridge Dr. South
Cleburne TX. 76033
817-202-9189 (See above statement)

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